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We don't do walking away ***** Never Forgive, Never Forget

"Glasgow Rangers.... .God I loved playing for them. I would do those 2 years over and over again for the rest of my life." Paul Gascoigne

"From now on there must be No Surrender" Stefan Klos

Rangers Charity Foundation

***** Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise. ***** #Let's Go - for title No: 55.***** Never Forget, Never Forgive. ***** If you wouldn't stand behind us in our hour of need...............Don't expect to stand beside us in our hour of triumph *****

Always remember the club is greater than the man

About our club

The club was formed as Dundonald Village RSC on the 3rd of February 1988 in The Moat Bar, Dundonald, where the first couple of meetings where held before moving to Fisher Body Social Club. The club resided there until February 1993 when it took up residence in Dundonald Orange Hall. The club resided in the Orange Hall for approximately two and a half years before finally taking up residence in the Harbour Bar, Ann Street on 8 November 1995.

After being resident in the Harbour since November 1995, it was decided at a club EGM held on 1 August 2000, to change the name of the club to the Harbour Bar, Belfast R.S.C. On the 19 October 2005 the club held it's last meeting in the Harbour Bar, ending a ten year association. This was due to the bar being sold to someone who was not Rangers orientated (if you understand what I mean). The club now conducts it's business in the Cresta Golf and Social Club on the Castlereagh Road.

After almost two years resident in the Cresta Golf and Social Club, the members voted to change the name to the Cresta Loyal R.S.C. thus ending the Harbour era.The club membership has changed quite significantly throughout the years and there are only one surviving founder member, Jim Moffett.

The club is financed from member's dues, levies and other fund raising activities or outings organised.  All monies raised are put towards subsidising members trips to see Rangers. We also organise charity events to which proceeds are donated to selected charities of the members choice.However, the main aim of the club is to ensure as many members, who desire, travel to watch Rangers at as many games as they wish as cheaply as possible.This applies to all games home or away.

The club celebrated it's 30th anniversary on the 3rd February 2018.

The current officers of the club are:

  • Chairman: Stuarty Mawhinney
  • Vice Chairman: Neil Magill
  • Secretary: Jim Moffett
  • Treasurer: Neil Cassidy
  • Fund Raiser: Adrian Mackin
  • Committee Member: Mark Anderson
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