Welcome to Cresta Ards Hamburg S.C.

We don't do walking away ***** Never Forgive, Never Forget

"Glasgow Rangers.... .God I loved playing for them. I would do those 2 years over and over again for the rest of my life." Paul Gascoigne

"From now on there must be No Surrender" Stefan Klos

Rangers Charity Foundation

*****Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise.***** #Let's Go - for title No: 55.*****Never Forget, Never Forgive.*****If you wouldn't stand behind us in our hour of need...............Don't expect to stand beside us in our hour of triumph *****

Welcome to the Cresta Ards Hamburg Supporters Club

Some members from Cresta Loyal and Ards Chosen Few R.S.C. have declared an interest in forming a Hamburg club

From Cresta Loyal - J Moffett, G Anderson, N Magill, N Cassidy, S Mawhinney

From Ards Chosen Few - P Greer, S Greer, N Forsyth, S Anderson

Other members interested contact the either club secretary.

Under construction