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We don't do walking away ***** Never Forgive, Never Forget

"Glasgow Rangers.... .God I loved playing for them. I would do those 2 years over and over again for the rest of my life." Paul Gascoigne

"From now on there must be No Surrender" Stefan Klos

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*****Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise. *****#Let's Go - for title No: 55.***** Never Forget, Never Forgive.*****If you wouldn't stand behind us in our hour of need...............Don't expect to stand beside us in our hour of triumph *****

The fans who never returned


David Anderson (45)

John Buchanan (32)

Richard Barke (15)

David Duff (23)

Peter Farries (26)

John Gardnier (32)

Thomas Grant (16)

Charles Livingston (30)

Brian Hutchinson (16)

John Jeffrey (16)

Andrew Lindsay (18)

Thomas Melville (17)

Francis Dover (16)

Robert Mulholland (16)

Duncan McPherson (17)

Donald McPherson (30)

Thomas McRobbie (17)

Robert Rae (25)

William Shaw (30)

Walter Shields

George Smith (40)

William Somerhill (17)

James Trainer (20)

John Crawford (23)

George Findlay (21)

John Neil


Nigel Pickup (9)


Walter Raeburn (36)

James Sibbald (28)

Robert C Cairns (17)


Thomas Dickson (32)

Ian Frew (21)

James Grey (37)

Ian Hunter (14)

James Mair (19)

Robert Maxwell (15)

Alexander Orr (16)

Matthew Reid (49)

Carles Stirling (20)

Peter Wright (31)


George Irwin (22)


Peter Easton (13)

Martin Paton (14)

Mason Philips (14)

Brian Todd (14)

Douglas Morrison (15)


Hugh Addie (33)

Robert Grant (21)

Alex McIntyre (29)

George Wilson (15)


Margaret Ferguson (18)

Robert McAdam (36)

Richard McLeay (28)

John McLeay (23)


Russel Malcolm (16)


George Adams (43)

Robert Carrigan (13)

Charles Dougan (31)

Adam Henderson

David McGhee (14)

Thomas Morgan (14)

James Rae (19)

John Semple (18)

Thomas Stirling (16)

Donald Sutherland (14)


James McGovern [24]

John Greig: Speaking after being voted the Greatest Ranger Ever on the 21st March 1999;

The disaster will never leave me. Never a day goes by that it doesn't go through my mind. I still get letters from guys who have never been back to Ibrox for a game since that day. I have taken some of them around the stadium for them to see what it is like now. The new stadium is, in fact, a testament to those who died. In the trophy room there is a beautiful picture of the old stadium up on the wall. For me, it is one of the most important things in that room and I make a point of showing it to the people who go there. It's important, especially for the young fans who have only seen the new stadium, that they know the history of this club, where we came from and why we came from that point.

John Greig Memorial to Ibrox Disaster