Welcome to Cresta Loyal R.S.C.

We don't do walking away ***** Never Forgive, Never Forget

"Glasgow Rangers.... .God I loved playing for them. I would do those 2 years over and over again for the rest of my life." Paul Gascoigne

"From now on there must be No Surrender" Stefan Klos

Rangers Charity Foundation

*****Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise.***** #Let's Go - for title No: 55.***** Never Forget, Never Forgive.***** If you wouldn't stand behind us in our hour of need...............Don't expect to stand beside us in our hour of triumph *****

The Members
Brian Rea aka Cap'n
Les Drysdale
Gerry Anderson
Mark Moore
Ally Howson
Trevor Henderson
Andrew Caldwell
Stevie Winter
Eddie Stewart
Glen Baker
Dean Hogg
Junior Members
Thomas Stewart
Mason Magill
Emma Anderson
Cameron McShane
Honorary Members
Reggie Waring - Honorary Member
Heather Magill
A. N. Other
Stuarty Mawhinney - Chairman
Neil Magill - Vice-Chairman
Jim Moffett - Secretary
Neil Cassidy - Treasurer
Adrian Mackin - Asst Treasurer
Mark Anderson - Committee Member
The Committee